Perform with Artemis Studios at Disneyworld!

Welcome to Artemis Loves Disney!

At Artemis Studios and Artemis College we LOVE Disney! So much that since 2014, we have been taking groups of performers aged 9-22 to perform and take workshops at Disney World in Florida. 

As a member of one of our casts, you will rehearse very intensely for a solid week, followed by four Sunday and one Monday rehearsals.


We fly directly from Gatwick to Orlando International together and then hop on a Disney bus to one of the All Star Resort hotels (official Disney hotel)! 

We stay a full 7 nights, and in that time we will perform a 25 minute musical theatre showcase in Disneyworld, take a workshop with Disney directors (plus one in the UK before leaving!), and of course enjoy the parks and shopping! 

The auditions are the easy bit! Once you are on the team, you will spend a solid week in intensive rehearsals. Then 6 more days (usually Sundays) preparing. 

Click here for the schedule and info - including interviews with past cast!

The trip is super exciting - and exausting! 

Flying direct from London Gatwick, we head via Disney transport to our Disney resort hotel. Then the fun starts! Parks, workshops, fireworks and of course...your show!

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This is a popular trip with Artemis, after all, we LOVE Disney!

Our youngest ever cast member was 9 when she flew out!

Click here to see galleries, video and interviews of past casts. 

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