Now Closed for 2020! 

If you are not a current or recent Artemis student, we will need to meet you and see you singing and dancing.


We will be booking flights and confirming the 2020 cast in late August/early September 2019. If you are applying after June 2019 - please get in touch as soon as possible to arrange an audition. This can be a video audition if you are applying in the school holidays.


Please note - if you are under 18, you will need a parent to agree to support you auditioning, and to sign all consent forms. They should email on your behalf to audition.  

You need to be aged between 12-22. If you are younger but a very high standard in dance and singing (at least a grade 4), get in touch!

For a full audition pack, email below and a member of the team will be happy to help you!  The office is only open part time in August, so it may be 48 hours before you get a reply.

Who are we looking for?
  • Dancer/singer/actors (very strong in one area)

  • Friendly outgoing people

  • Ages 12-22

  • Boys and girls

  • Available for all rehearsals

  • Able to get to rehearsals in Bracknell

  • Enjoys musical theatre

  • TEAM player. We have soloists - but no divas!

  • Able to take direction

  • Able to perform to a high standard for the public

  • Happy to share a room in the USA

  • Able to be away from home/parents for 7 days

  • Willing to be DBS checked if over 16 (16+ will mentor!)

  • This is a fee paying trip. You must be able to make payments, please think this trhough carefully before applying.