Frequently Asked Questions 

My child is 9 - almost 10 - can she audition?
If your child is a student of Artemis, or has a great talent for singing or dancing, and is able to keep up with teenage performers, yes, they can audition. ALL cast 12 and under will require a parent to travel with them ( parent will require their own room), and be prepared to chaperone them during park time if their child wont go on the 'fast' rides with the teen cast. We will not take more than 3 performers under 13.


Will cast be chaperoned?
YES! We have kept numbers of younger cast deliberately low, to keep chaperone ratios high. For cast aged 16 and under - there is one qualified chaperone/tutor per 5 cast members, plus additional mentor students (18+) who are DBS and first aid trained who will assist. 

Is there a sibling discount?
No - sorry. We are charging at cost, and want to keep fees as low and fair to everyone. 

Can families come?
If parents want to attend in Florida and make a holiday week of it- they are welcome to do so! However - they will have to make their own arrangements for travel, flights, visas, activities and hotel. We can pass on a schools discount for park tickets only. We will not pre book Fast Passes or make any other arrangement for anyone other than the cast.

We have found that when families come to support - while it is wonderful on the day of the show - we now ask that they leave the cast member with others in the group at all other times*. It can be isolating for one child to miss group activities and bonding to attend family daily trips/lunches etc.

*Cast under 12 may require a parent to chaperone them during park time. This is becase under 12's tend to not want to go onthe same rides as oder cast - and may require much earlier bed times. The group usually stays together in a chosen park, and a chaperone is only released to accompany a single performer in the event of illness. 


Accompanying parents will need to book a room for themselves and their own child/family. 

Non cast/staff will not be able to join in workshops and other activities planned (unless they make their own arrangements - or are happy to contribute - for example the cost of the coach to the shopping trip if we have to get a larger vehicle) as our staff need to keep a tight control over numbers and other practical considerations.


Staff will be on duty 24/7 and not able to socialise with parents


Bed times and breakfast can be taken with family. If you are worried your child would be homesick without you being there - even with chaperone support - this might not be the right trip to them. 

My husband/wife/friend works for an airline - can my child fly with us on a different flight?

Yes. We usually fly direct, but if you have free or discounted flights - you are welcome to use them instead. A discount is available (the cost of the flight at time of booking) for cast flying with families (who are buying their own plane ticket). If an over 16 wants to fly alone - they will need to make their own way to the hotel (via Disney transport which is included). We would not be able to wait at the airport with the group for a second plane to arrive. We must check everyone in together. 

If my family comes to support - can my cast member have a hotel discount?
Sadly no- the hotel is worked out on shared number basis, and is a small part of the fee. To remove a number of cast would leave others having to pay more.

My son/daughter uses a wheelchair/has mobility issues - can they audition?
Absolutely! If anyone with physical challenges wishes to audition they may. As long as cast can either sing, dance or act well (very well in one area), we can include them! If a person requires a full time carer to support mobility - parents would need to fund the carer and a room for the carer as well (as non-Artemis staff they would not be able to share). 

What if my child wants to go to another park? 

We don't offer any excursions off the Disney resort, with the exception of the shopping trip. To do so would incur another private bus/coach, additional ticket fees and more chaperones to ensure all locations were covered. One day trip to universal alone would add $200 to the bill this is not do-able for all, and so we dont offer it. IF 3 or more cast aged 18 or over wish to pay for an Uber, and all other personal expenses on one of the days at the end of the week - they can do so. They will not be able to take younger cast unless they have at least one chaperone aged 21 or older with them, and written permission from parents. This would not be covered by our insurance. 

What is included in the fee?

  • All rehearsals (intensive October week, four or more Sundays (plus additional rehearsal if needed), time in USA.

  • Costumes (to keep) - a custom hoodie.

  • Shared room in a Disney World hotel (at one of the All Star Resort hotels).

  • All performance materials (music edits, props, sheet music, licencing etc)

  • Direct return flights from Gatwick

  • Busses in and around Disney parks, hotel and property

  • Private busses to the rehearsals, performance, trips off property

  • Two workshops with Disney directors in Disney World

  • 5 day multi park tickets including Fast Pass

  • Tutors, chaperones, and 24/7 care while abroad. 

  • Online photos of the events, and unlimited digital photos in the parks (Memory Maker)

  • Online downloadable film of the performance

What is not Included in the fee?:

  • Transport to and from UK rehearsals

  • Transport to and from Gatwick

  • Food or drink in UK rehearsals

  • Food or drink in the USA (we suggest a budget of $40 a day (to include snacks), and can purchase food cards if parents prefer - these can only be used for food and not souvenirs) 

  • Converse style shoes (block colours, Primark is fine!) and black leggings/jazz pants (required as uniform). We supply all other costumes/uniform.  

  • ESTA visa - this must be obtained in advance online (from the US Gov, around $15) and a copy given to the administrator 2 months before the trip. Cast will not be able to travel without, and will not be able to be refunded!

  • Passport - a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months to run (post Feb 2020) will be needed. A copy will be required on acceptance to book flights. 

  • Travel Insurance - Artemis will cover some trip related insurance (such as a teacher tripping up and landing on a student!) - but NOT medical OR Travel Cancellation. This is available for around £15-£20 per cast member (subject to health). Please ask for links to good sources for insurance if you are getting silly quotes. A copy of the insurance will be required one month before the trip. Cast will not be able to travel without, and will not be able to be refunded! We do not offer group travel insurance as cast may have pre existing conditions which would make group premiums unrealistic.