The February 2020 trip is £793 PLUS $890*  per performer.

There are various options available. ALL places must be secured (after audition and on offer of a place) with a non refundable deposit of £250 (refunded only if Artemis cancel the trip). This secures flights and rooms and is not refunded by the airlines or hotel in the event of cancellation. We will not secure flights or rooms until we have a fully confirmed cast of 18 or more.


Payment 1: Deposit (due on acceptance) £250

Payment 2: POUND instalment September 30th £181.00

Payment 3: POUND instalment October 18th £181.00

Payment 4: POUND instalment November 18th: £181.00

Payment 5: DOLLAR instalment December 18th: $445.00

Payment 6: Final instalment January 6th 2020 $445.00

Totals; £793.00 PLUS/AND $890


Due in full by 6th January 2020.


Fee paying Artemis current students, and Full Time Artemis College students: 5% (£67.50 discount, deductible from the final £'s payment.)

Additionally, as part of the fee is payable in dollars, the exchange rate may mean a reduction (see below)

What is included in the fee?

  • All rehearsals (intensive October week, four or more Sundays (plus additional rehearsal if needed), time in USA)

  • Costumes (to keep) - a custom teeshirt.

  • Shared room in a Disney World hotel.

  • All performance materials (music edits, props, sheet music, licencing etc)

  • Direct return flights from Gatwick with Virgin

  • Busses in and around Disney parks, hotel and property

  • Private busses to the rehearsals, performance, trips off property

  • Two workshops with Disney directors (one in Disney World and one in the UK)

  • Multi park Disney world Hopper 5 day tickets including Fast Pass

  • Tutors, chaperones, and 24/7 care while abroad. 

  • Online photos of the events, and unlimited digital photos in the parks (Memory Maker)

  • Online downloadable film of the performance

What is not included in the fee?:

  • Transport to and from rehearsals

  • Transport to and from Gatwick

  • Food or drink in rehearsals

  • Food or drink in the USA (we suggest a budget of $40 a day (to include snacks), and can purchase food cards if parents prefer - these can only be used for food and not souvenirs) 

  • Converse style shoes (block colours) and black leggings/jazz pants (required as uniform). We supply all other costumes/uniform. 

  • ESTA visa - this must be obtained in advance and a copy given to the administrator 2 months before the trip. Cast will not be able to travel without, and will not be able to be refunded!

  • Passport - a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months to run (post Feb 2020) will be needed. A copy will be required on acceptance to book flights. 

  • Travel Insurance - Artemis will cover some trip related insurance (such as a teacher tripping up and landing on a student!) - but NOT medical OR Travel Cancellation. This is available for around £15-£20 per cast member (subject to health). Please ask for links to good sources for insurance if you are getting silly quotes. A copy of the insurance will be required one month before the trip. Cast will not be able to travel without, and will not be able to be refunded!

  • Any other park outside Disney. We don't offer trips to Universal, Seaworld etc. There is not enough time, and it would add 100s to the cost with transport, additional chaperones and park tickets. 

Fee Payment

You can pay for the trip by BACS, Standing Order or Childcare Vouchers (under 16's). Credit Cards (excluding Amex) are only accepted for payment in full (as they incur a charge, which we wont pass on). 


Payments can be staggered between August 2019 and 6th January 2020. We are not able to stretch further or offer credit. Bursaries are not available. 

Exchange rate: We will be asking for the  fees charged by Disney directly (hotel, park ticket, Disney on-site workshops, private coach transport) to be paid to us in US dollars.


This can be through Paypal, or BACS (if you have an American or international account). This is to make it fairer to you. If the exchange rate becomes stronger - the trip will cost less over all for you. When we work out costs at the start of the year it is based on recent rates, but at the average lower end ($1.24=£1).  


Recently the rate has been as low as $1.19 and as much as $1.35 for every pound - usually sitting at around $1.29.

Terms and Conditions

Please note- the trip is non refundable unless Artemis cancels. We will only confirm places once we have the minimum numbers (18) needed to share costs (this trip is charged at cost, we are non profit). In the event you can't go - you WILL STILL NEED TO PAY - so please take out holiday insurance in advance if you think you may need to withdraw. The only part of the trip which can be refunded (with 6 calendar weeks notice) is the 5 day park hopper ticket. 

Everyone signs a behaviour agreement. Breach of this contract will mean possibly being sent back to the UK at your parents expense, or finding you alternative accomodation and a chaperone if your transgression is serious enough. The contract covers topics such as bullying, alcohol consumption, smoking and behaviour which would cause the parks or hotel to remove you and ban you from the Disney Resort. We are very clear about our expectations - and to date - no one has even had a timeout!