This will be a highly polished routine, and every cast member counts. We would prefer you attend 100% of rehearsals - but we do understand that if you are appearing in pantomime, or a school show, you may have to miss one of the Sundays in autumn. 

You need to be able to attend ALL days in the October intensive.


You must also be able to attend at least one Sunday in either November or December, and the final rehearsal before the trip. 


If you need to miss more than one rehearsal - please let us know at the start. It may mean you can't be solo in a particular part if you not being there will effect the rehearsal process for the rest of the cast.  

The rehearsal itinerary;
  • Monday 28th Oct - Friday 1st November 2019,10am-5pm,Braybrooke Community Hall, Bracknell.Bring food/drink as shops are a good 10-15 mins walk.

  • Sunday Nov: 24th 10-5 - venue TBC

  • Sunday January: 19th 10-5 - venue TBC

  • Sunday February: 2nd 10-5 - venue TBC**

  • Sunday February: 9th 10-5 - venue TBC**

  • Monday February 17th 10-5 - Venue TBC.

  • **One of these Sundays will be your first workshop with a UK based Disney Director. We have a special guest who is a producer/choreographer for Disney - who is also on their talent scout team. This is a chance to get noticed by a real Disney casting person!

  • 20th Feb 2020 - Meet at Gatwick at 7.30am - We are flying out on Virgin Atlantic to Florida!

  • Once in USA we will run through the routine each day until show day. 

  • On the day of the show - we will rehearse in a Disney studio backstage for two hours prior to being taken to the performance space.